Ohm Universe was founded to promote wellness, and nurture self-awareness by encouraging people to focus on the beneficial nature of deep breathing. It is our mission to develop simple technology products and solutions that help people to relax, become more consciously aware of their breathing and… [label type=”default” url=”/?page_id=819″]More[/label]

The Ohm is a hand held relaxation tool. It helps you practice rhythmic breathing to leave the body relaxed, calm, and focused. All you need to do is breathe with the breath pattern of relaxation that is set on the OHM. This unique, patent pending…[label type=”default” url=”/?page_id=2″]More[/label]

The OHM is incredibly simple to use. Simply turn it on and match your breath with the gentle, rhythmic patterns of the OHM. The OHM comes preset with a breathing pattern for relaxation. [label type=”default” url=”/?page_id=870″]More[/label]